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Future Global Trends & Applications in Video, AR & VR Technology - ISE Project

Virtual & Augumented Reality and video technologies are rapidly developing and it is expected that they will have dramatic impacts by leading to the creation of new industries, new ways of communicating and working, and of course new ways of doing business both in local and international markets. This ISE project event will focus on how these technologies can help with international trade.

Join us for this exciting workshop to hear from experts on Video, AR & VR from Belgium & the Netherlands including:

  • Coen Sanderik – the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) - A leading expert focused on supporting and coaching start-ups in the areas of augmented and virtual reality (VR/AR), robotics and predictive maintenance. Coen also leads the annual market survey “Hype or Serious Business?”, which aims to provide unique insights into the young, undeveloped VR/AR market and its future potential.
  • Detlef La Grand - Founder of VRmaster – A market leader in the development and application of VR technology in the training environment with personal experience of cross sector applications. They provide advice, design and development for clients across the world and have practical insight to share.
  • Stef Wynendaele – Country Manager for video content expert StoryMe – find out how the company positioned itself in international markets producing more than 1,500 videos for major brands including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Samsonite and Eastpak!

You will also be able to:

Find out what else the ISE project is planning to help your business to innovate & internationalise Discuss how to enter European markets with fellow Kent businesses & experts Enjoy networking with other businesses over canapés


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