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Brand your Business for International Sales Masterclass - Ashford

Would you like to expand your SME to attract more business on an international level? Most of us would but if we don’t have a credible international brand or communicate the right messages, our chances of success are pretty small. This event is being held under the Exporting is Great banner, Department for International Trade

Andrew Griffiths is a global marketing authority. He is the author of 13 bestselling business books and he has delivered over 500 keynote presentations in over 20 countries worldwide, all around the topic of powerful business communication.

In this one day workshop Andrew is going to: •Share his framework to help you build an international brand. •Give you the right strategies to make your business appealing to international markets. •Offer specific advice to avoid the most common branding mistakes made by businesses. •Give you a step by step process to follow for online and offline brand building. •Show you how to compete against much bigger competitors by using effective storytelling in your marketing. •Share case studies on how small businesses have built mighty global brands.

If you’re ready to grow your business internationally, this one-day workshop will be perfect. Andrew has a very engaging presentation style, his workshops are informative, practical and world class in every way.

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