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You Can: Pitch Your Business Internationally

The Department of International Trade have organised an interactive, practical and fun half-day workshop, aimed at those who are currently working or are looking to work internationally. You will be given practical advice to help improve your individual performance when selling products or services overseas.

During the workshop, you will: - work on your “pitch” and learn how to use clear, easy-to-grasp language and explanations so that it can be delivered formally, in a negotiation, or informally, at a trade fair, in a taxi, etc. - work on networking techniques, including establishing a rapport and learning techniques to help ensure you are doing all you can to make your organisation more visible and portray it in a positive light.


Through practical exercises you will have the opportunity to put your new found learning into action. By the end of the session you will have a toolkit of skills which you can apply immediately with potential and existing global partners and customers.

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