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You Can: Start selling on e-Marketplaces now!

Are you selling online? Do you want to increase your international sales?

We have collaborated with Ebay, Fruugo and some of our key eCommerce supply chain partners Simply VAT, One World Global and Currencies Direct to create a workshop to help your business sell to new customers internationally.


In this practical and interactive session, you can find out how to use online e-Marketplaces to reach new customers across the globe. Learn about: - Major international eCommerce markets - How listing on an eMarketplace can grow business - The challenges a business may face with using international eMarketplaces - The tax implications when selling cross border

Our eCommerce adviser and panel of partners will provide insight and advice tailored to your eCommerce needs. The aim of this workshop is to have you listed on a selection of global marketplaces by the end of the session.

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