SEED Sectors & Eligibility Criteria

All businesses interested in joining the SEED project need to meet the following requirements:

This free programme of support is available only to SELEP-based companies operating in Essex, South Essex, Medway, Kent and East Sussex which are keen to increase their international activity. The project will support businesses from the following industry sectors with export potential:

  • 1) Food & Drink: This industry sector includes food and drink production, manufacturing, and processing.Type of target companies:
    • Food & drink production/manufacturing
    • Food processing
    • Companies in the food & drink manufacturing supply chain
    • Agricultural companies (becoming developers and producers)
    • Biobased companies


  • 2) Health & Life Sciences: This industry sector refers to the application of biology and technology to health improvement, including biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, genomics, diagnostics, and digital health.Type of target companies in these sub-sectors:
    • Biotechnology
    • Medical technology
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • E-health
    • Nutrition for human & animal health


  • 3) Digital & Creative: This sector includes digital technology (telecommunications) and creative activities (media, digital content & publishing).Type of target companies:
    • Manufacturers of communication and digital technologies
    • Designers and creators of digital or online products and services
    • Media production
    • High tech systems
    • Software solutions
    • Apps
    • Web Services


Additional criteria for businesses interested in participating in the SEED project:

  • Turnover – participating companies must ideally have a turnover of at least £100K
  • Staff – businesses must ideally have at least 5 members of staff
  • State aid – companies must not have received State Aid above the “de minimis” ceiling and must not be in receivership or under liquidation at the time of taking part in SEED activities. Under the De Minimis exemption a SME can receive up to €200,000 (Approx. £173,000) of State Aid in a rolling three year period (the current financial year and the two previous financial years).


Target international markets will focus on:

  • Hong Kong, UAE, Vietnam, Philippines (Food & Drink)
  • Ireland, Malaysia, UAE, Canada (Health & Life Sciences)
  • Canada (Digital & Creative)