DIT Update – including trading with Ukraine & Russia

Posted on: 10th March 2022

Latest information and guidance for businesses trading with Ukraine or Russia

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has expanded the Export Support Service (ESS) to act as a single point of enquiry for businesses and traders with questions relating to the situation in Ukraine and Russia. Visit https://www.gov.uk/ask-export-support-team, or call the helpline on 0300 303 8955. It is currently operational daily, including weekends: 8am to 10pm.

Visit the gov.uk website by clicking here for the latest guidance on sanctions relating to exporting to Russia. Key links below:

Trade with New Zealand:

Trade with Singapore:

Trade with CPTPP:

  • On 18 February 2022 we announced that the UK has moved on to the CPTPP market access phase of negotiations, the final step on our path to joining the free trade area worth £8.4 trillion.
  • Click here to view the press release for the announcement.

Trade with South Korea:

  • On 7 February 2022, the Secretary of State hosted the South Korean Trade Minister in London for the inaugural UK-South Korea Trade Committee which will lay the groundwork for an enhanced deal between the two countries.
  • The Secretary of State and Minister Han-koo signed a new strategic agreement set to bolster supply chain resilience, which is the first of its kind the UK has agreed with an Asia-Pacific partner. Click here to view the press release.

On the horizon:

India – The second round of negotiations started on 7 March and is expected to finish on 17 March. More information will be available once the round has concluded.


Upcoming launches – Preparations are ongoing to launch trade negotiations with Canada, Mexico and the Gulf Cooperation Council following their respective consultations.


Israel Call for Input – The consultation is open until 30 March 2022 businesses can respond direct by clicking here to view the UK-Israel Call for Input


UK VAT: HMRC have compiled some VAT information slides to assist businesses navigate different VAT regimes in the EU Members States. This is not official HMRC or UK Government guidance but is intended to provide links to useful information for British businesses exporting to EU Member States. Click here to view the slides.