UFO project Open Call matchmaking – 30 June 2021 (EEN)

Event Details

Date: 30th June 2021
Time: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

This FREE matchmaking event will give you the opportunity to meet potential project partners and business partners during video pre-arranged 20 minute meetings and discuss potential partnership opportunities. Your agenda will be sent to you one week before the event with the exact time of your virtual meetings.

  • Do you have a project idea to present to UFO funding?
  • Are you looking for a partner to join your consortium?
  • Do you have an expertise or product that answers the UFO call’s requirements?
  • Do you want to join a consortium in construction?
  • Do you need additional information about the UFO open call procedure and funding?

For whom?

Companies that work with data:

  • sensors ( image, multi spectral, weather…)
  • communication and broadcast
  • Geolocalisation
  • Data processing, analysis or storage

Companies that develop:

  • drones
  • nanosatellites
  • HAPS and small flying objects

Technology and application actors in the following domains:

  • Mobility
  • Environment
  • Blue Growth
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Climate
  • Digital and cultural industries and Gaming

UFO is seeking collaborative projects (of 2 or more SMEs) to develop innovative products and services by integrating new embedded technology solutions in the Small Flying Objects (SFO) area i.e. Smallsats, Drones and High Altitude platform systems, to support the six targeted Emerging Industries.

Participation is open to all SMEs based in one of the UFO partners countries (Bulgaria, France, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom).

Through the pre-arranged networking, participants can look forward to:

  • start networking weeks before the event due to pre-event profiling
    (add business profile and view others profiles)
  • request and receive pre-arranged business matchmaking appointments
  • manage beforehand up to 21 high class B2B meetings (at 20 min) of your choice at fixed reserved table
  • The day will start with a key presentation of the project, its ambition and its Open Call and will be followed by an entire day open to business meetings.