Getting Paid for Your Exports. Arranging Finance Facilities for Your Imports

Event Details

Date: 29th November 2022
Time: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Your company’s success in international markets will be directly related to the knowledge and expertise of the export or import staff as well as your finance staff and their competence when dealing with your customers, suppliers, bankers, insurers and freight forwarders. The course creates and develops that competence by focusing on such activities as lending, ensuring payment is made, opening letters of credit, and export credit insurance. There is a complete description of the documentation required to achieve payment from customers or timely shipments from your supply chain.

Knowledge of these processes is essential for anyone working in an international trade position responsible for arranging finance, ensuring timely payments are received, and developing an efficient trade performance.

This course covers in detail the various instruments of payment for trade, such as Letters of Credit, drafts, Bonds & Guarantees, Export or Import Factoring, Credit Risk Reporting, Forfaiting and Avalisation and looks at how businesses can use these instruments as part of their trade finance operations to maximise business profitability and working capital.

Course delegates should leave with an improved appreciation of the way trade procedures and payment instruments can be employed to the advantage of exporters, as well as importers. The course has been updated to take account of the continually evolving post Brexit situation and to help ensure all processes take account of the changing rules. The Letter of Credit section takes account of guidance under UCP600.