Preparing For A New Trading Environment, Ashford (KICC & HSBC)

27th February 2020

DIT South Korea Digital Health Roadshow, London

18th February 2020

Letters of Credit Demystified, Ashford (KICC)

13th February 2020

INCOTERMS 2020 Updates, Ashford (KICC)

3rd February 2020

Eastern Europe and Central Asian Network UK Roadshow, London (DIT)

31st January 2020

Dubai The Gateway to Growth Markets, London (DIT)

28th January 2020

ISE Visit to HORECAVA 2020

13th January 2020 - 15th January 2020

INCOTERMS 2020 Updates, Ashford (KICC)

7th January 2020

Going Global 2019, London

27th November 2019 - 28th November 2019

Company Visit to Unilin, Belgium with ISE

27th November 2019