Power Electronics, Machines and Drives Technologies: India

Event Details

Date: 14th February 2023

The Global Business Innovation Programme, organised by Innovate UK and delivered by Innovate UK EDGE, consists of a preparation phase, 7-day innovation visit focused on India, a post-visit exploitation workshop and support of approximately 12 months from an Innovate UK EDGE Innovation and Growth Specialist, helping your business maximise the opportunities identified, including developing innovation projects with partners in the country.

Innovate UK is committed to ensure that anyone, from any background, has an equal opportunity to be successful.

Focus Areas

This initiative is particularly relevant for businesses in the areas of Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) technologies, that enable the control and delivery of electrical energy and which underpin clean, green transport.

Specific areas of interest are:

  •  Compound semiconductor fabrication
  •  Compound semiconductor device packaging
  •  Compound semiconductor power conversion
  •  Permanent magnets manufacturing and recycling
  •  Electric machine design
  •  Electric machine control
  •  Kerbside EV chargers
  •  Reluctance 2 and 3-wheeler powertrains

Why India?

The Asia Pacific Region is the largest market for power electronics globally and India is one of the key markets for growth due to an increasing demand for electricity consumption, focus on renewables and manufacturing capabilities. India imported $1.8Bn of power electronic devices in FY20/21. India represents an exciting partner for collaboration in this sector to address key challenges in the supply chains for both countries.

Innovate UK is currently working on developing an industrial CR&D funding programme with the Government of India, which is expected to open in early 2023. Ongoing discussions include PEMD as a potential area of bilateral focus, and this GBIP will promote new relationships in the form of B2B collaborations and academic links between the UK and India in this sector.


  • Explore PEMD opportunities in India
  • A better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in India
  • Find potential innovation collaborators and partners and develop your network in the UK and globally.
  • Improve your company value proposition to international partners and investors.

Applications close: 27th November 2022