Webinar Series with DBT – Perfect your international digital marketing strategy

Event Details

Date: 15th November 2023 - 13th December 2023

Masterclass Series (5 Sessions)

Digital marketing is a crucial part of a successful export strategy. Join this series to learn the key steps to sell your brand to the world.

Join these sessions hosted by DBT digital trade experts

  • Learn how to build a cohesive digital strategy
  • Explore the latest techniques and strategies to improve your website and localise your content

  • Learn the importance of social media and how you can tailor your message

Events in this series

  1.  Six-step digital strategy for success when exporting (15 Nov)
  2. Essential tips on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost your international growth (22 Nov)
  3. Localisation – six essential steps to adapting your content for a global audience (29 Nov)
  4. How you can use social media to drive international growth (6 Dec)
  5. Top tips for using social media effectively to reach and sell to a global audience (13 Dec)


Our digital trade advisers Charlie and Nigel have many years of experience in supporting businesses perfect their global digital strategy. They can offer specific guidance and advice on the many topics required to engage with an overseas audience.