IMPULS Project Evaluation

The main benefits that companies highlighted due to taking part in some of the IMPULS events were:

  • Establishing international connection with relevant service providers/ collaborators/ contacts/ experts
  • Gaining new leads
  • Exposure to international network and markets
  • Network with old and new collaborators
  • Gaining new knowledge
  • International exposure and social media exposure
  • Development of new projects

SMEs internationalisation can be long process that requires overcoming different challenges, where some of them were identified by our companies:  identification of new clients and broadening client base, networking opportunities focused on specific market, establishment of credible relationships in various markets, and in various regions, familiarization with the regulations in force in different countries.

Through IMPULS project companies have established contact with other SMEs from other regions and majority of the companies were interested in staying in contact after the end of IMPULS project and developing international partnerships further.

Facilitation of contact through partnering organisations

After the end of project, partners will continue to stay in contact and explore possibilities of finding additional funding or developing projects that would allow organisation of activities that require funding and that would help companies with the internationalization.

Furthermore, partners will continue to have an exchange regarding relevant events that each partner would organise in the future, where participation of companies from other regions would be eligible. Companies participated in IMPULS project will be encouraged to reach out to other partnering organisations (either directly or through other partners) if they wish to establishing connections and develop partnerships with companies from that region.


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