SEED Results

The project helped to connect eligible SELEP-based companies to new overseas contacts and expose them to opportunities in international markets, as well as gain new skills and knowledge.

Market-specific programmes of activity delivered the following:

1. Export e-brochures featuring participating companies and sector-focused promotional videos which promote the SELEP-area (East Sussex, Kent & Medway, Essex & South Essex) to international markets.

Click here to view the SEED Food & Drink sector video
Click here to view the SEED Health & Life Sciences sector video
Click here to view the SEED Digital & Creative sector video

2. Bespoke international market insight reports produced by sector specialists which provide an in-depth overview and practical export advice for the target markets.

We have a number of market insight reports available for the following sectors and markets.

  • Canada – Digital & Creative
  • Canada – Life Sciences
  • Vietnam – Food & Drink
  • UAE – Food & Drink
  • UAE – Life Sciences
  • Malaysia – Life Sciences

Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a copy.

3. The project delivered 47 one-to-one online consultations for participating companies with both local and in-market experts to ensure businesses were ‘export ready’ prior to their Virtual Trade Mission meetings.

4. Organised 6 online market briefing sessions with tailored advice for participants about regulations and exporting procedures relevant to target markets.

Click here to view the SEED Health & Life Sciences Sector – Malaysia Market Overview Session
Click here to view the SEED Food & Drink Sector – Vietnam Market Overview Session
Click here to view the SEED Food & Drink Sector – Philippines Market Overview Session

Please let us know if you would like to receive the link to view our SEED Canada Market Readiness Session – An Introduction to Brand Building for the Canadian Market (Health & Life Sciences and Digital & Creative Sectors).

5. Delivered 9 virtual trade mission programmes (listed below) whereby participating companies were able to present their business and have the opportunity to book targeted 1-2-1 business meetings with identified in-market contacts, for example distributors or buyers during a specified period. 191 business meetings in total were organised for participating companies.

SEED Food & Drink Sector:
Hofex Trade Show – Hong Kong (September 2021)
United Arab Emirates (March – April 2022)
Philippines (15 Sept – 19 Oct 2022)
Vietnam (17 March – 24 Oct 2022)

SEED Health & Life Sciences:
Ireland (December 2021 – August 2022)
United Arab Emirates (July – October 2022)
Malaysia (September – October 2022)
Canada (June – October 2022)

SEED Digital & Creative:
Canada (June – October 2022)

6. Lastly, as part of some of the Virtual Trade Mission programmes focusing on the SEED Food & Drink sector, the SEED partners were also able to ship product samples to the UAE and Philippines on behalf of participating businesses.

The formal programme of activities came to an end on 31 October 2022, but we have established good links through the project that we can use to assist Kent businesses in future.