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Trade with the EU

Following the UK’s departure from the EU and after the end of the transition period, there will be a number of additional requirements that companies exporting products to the EU will need to adhere to.

The Government website includes country by country information about export requirements after Brexit. Please click here to visit the website for more information.

Some of the changes you can anticipate are detailed below.


Export Documentation:

It’s likely that you’ll need to submit a variety of documents to accompany any export orders to the European Union. You may also need to complete customs declarations.

The Export Documents team at Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce can help advise on what you will need to provide and make sure you get the paperwork right.

Find out more about the services KICC offers:


Food Labelling:

If you export food & drink products to the EU, you will need to make sure that your labelling is compliant, please click here to view the government guidance on changes



If you’re selling food & drink, pharmaceutical or cosmetics products you’ll need to provide an address and contact within an EU Member State to handle product recalls. Please click here for more information on the website about Food business operator (FBO) addresses

Map of Europe