A Guide for Exporters in Kent

Exporting your products or services can bring huge benefits to your business but can also be a challenge!

Kent International Business is here to support you on your export journey. Our Partners can provide you with advice, information and practical help for you to grow internationally. So, whether you are taking your first steps or you are an experienced exporter, we are working together to provide the support you need to maximise overseas businesses opportunities.

Find information about key export topics and who in Kent can help you to deal with them. You will also find answers to a range of export queries by clicking on the buttons below:

The KIB partner organisations carried out a review of export support services in Kent and put together this guide within the activities of the EU-funded Interreg project ‘SIE’ (SME Internationalisation Exchange). Click on this link to visit the SIE website and find out more about project.

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