Getting Export-Ready

Before embarking on your export journey, there are a few questions you may wish to consider:

  • How will exporting fit within our current business development strategy?
  • Would expanding overseas be possible whilst also servicing your existing domestic sales?
  • What is your USP, and why might international customers choose your products or services over the local competition?
  • Will exporting be economically viable for your different product ranges?
  • Will you need to adapt your products or services for international markets?

What should I do next?

  1. Develop an international strategy to plan your overseas activity in a manageable way. The different sections in this guide will help you consider the type of things you should include, and you can click here to download the ISE project guide to drafting an internationalisation strategy.
  2. Speak to a local export specialist from the Department for International Trade or Enterprise Europe Network. Please click on this link to view their contact details.
  3. Request a free 1-2-1 internationalisation & innovation diagnostic meeting (please click here to send us an email to request a 121) from a Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce business advisor through the ISE Project (available until December 2020).