Why Export?

What’s got you thinking about exporting?

Maybe you’ve been contacted out of the blue by a potential international customer or you’re looking for ways to grow your business. There are many good reasons why exporting your products or services can help your business, but before you get started, it’s worth considering whether it’s the right time for your business to be focusing on international markets or whether it’s the right thing for your company.

If you decide that exporting is for you, here are some of the likely benefits:

  • An increase in profits, revenue and resilience
  • An incentive to develop new and innovative products or solutions
  • Increasing return on investment in R&D
  • Extending the shelf-life of existing products or services
  • Minimising risk by spreading your activities across different territories
  • Creation of exciting opportunities for staff

Why not find out some of how exporting has helped different Kent companies by clicking here to visit our case studies page or view our Kent Crisps case study video on the right which includes the importance of getting the right support.

If you’ve decided that exporting is for you, then the different sections in this guide will help to get you started.