ISE Partners

Kent County Council

Kent County Council is one of the largest local authorities in the country and provides more than 300 services for around 1.4 million residents in the county from social care and education to highways maintenance and community services. KCC works to help the Kent economy to grow and make the most of Kent’s unique gateway location between London and mainland Europe. Whilst trading overseas is a proven route to economic growth, KCC is aware that Kent firms are not trading abroad as actively as those in other parts of the South East. Kent County Council co-ordinates the Kent International Business partnership programme to encourage more local companies to access overseas markets through providing more coherent international trade support for the county.

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Chamber of Commerce, West Flanders (VOKA West Flanders)

VOKA – Chamber of Commerce West Flanders is a network of more than 3600 businesses, representing 66% of employment in the private sector and 66% of added value in the private sector. Our focus is lobbying, networking, consulting and advice and information. The international department, Flanders Tradelink, focuses on encouraging the international trade among our members through seminars, events, business clubs, ‘lunch and learn’ programmes etc.

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Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce is a membership organisation which provides a full range of business support services, ranging from networking, business support to representation. Its aims are to build and support an environment that is conducive to business growth and enterprise. Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce can provide direct expert support to local businesses with various aspects of international trade including a full export documentation and certification service.

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West Flanders Development Agency (POM West Flanders)

The West Flanders Development Agency (POM West Flanders) implements the social-economic policy of the Province of West Flanders by means of initiating and co-ordinating activities and projects focusing on sustainable entrepreneurship, business infrastructure, innovation and international business support. The aim is to reinforce West Flanders as an internationally orientated, dynamic, competitive and innovative region with a positive working climate and an attractive environment.

POM West Flanders, within the field of internationalisation, is in charge of attracting foreign investments to our Province on the one hand and the stimulation (in co-operation with local stakeholders) of West Flemish companies to trade globally on the other hand.

The website is one of the tools used to promote West Flanders as an attractive investment region. The presence of foreign investors contributes to a higher employment rate and a wider diversity of the economy, thus a higher added value and the creation of new expertise and knowledge in various fields.

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VOKA East Flanders

There are eight Voka – Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Flanders. Together with the Voka – Flemish Employers Association, these eight Chambers form the Voka alliance – the largest Flemish network of enterprises. Voka aims at stimulating economic activity and intends to create an optimal framework for successful enterprise. We contribute to supporting the economic development of our region by lobbying, networking and offering specific services to businesses. Voka consults with the Flemish Government and Flemish Trade Unions.

Voka East Flanders is, with its 3000 members (including Volvo, Honda, Arcelor Mittal) and 50 employees in 4 offices the second largest Belgian Chamber. To keep in touch with each sub region, there are offices in Ghent, Oudenaarde, Aalst and Dendermonde.

Our structure is based on 5 pillars to support our companies:

  • Impact
  • Expert
  • Connect
  • Info
  • Service

For more information, please click here to visit the VOKA East Flanders website

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Innovation House Foundation

The Innovatiehuis foundation aims to improve innovation & economic growth for SMEs in the Netherlands with a focus on West Brabant & Zeeland. It has years of experience in the field of innovation & cooperation. It was established in 2008 and has since aided over 300 SMEs and has run many projects which were mainly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs. The foundation has excellent links with regional organisations: Avans & Zeeland University of Applied Science, RDAs e.g BOM, REWIN & Impuls etc.

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Aditec was set up by the ‘Département’ of Pas de Calais and exists to local support businesses in Northern France.  Aditec is also an EU “Business Innovation Centre” and provides a range of strategic support services and tools to boost innovation, encourage business development, and improve the competitiveness of SMEs and entrepreneurs. Aditec’s support services are free of charge and its expertise in innovation techniques are vital for the implementation of ISE.

For more informtion, please click here to visit the Aditec website

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Observer Partner: The Dutch Chamber of Commerce

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce aims to advise and support SMEs.  The ISE project helps SMEs with innovation and internationalisation and the Chamber of Commerce has expertise on both themes. It runs events, provides advice over the phone and via digital channels. You can find out more about this on the Chamber’s website.

Innovation Support:
Keep up to date, get new ideas and follow the latest trends. Keep your SME relevant. How do you know which opportunity is the right one? How do you make your idea a success? The Chamber of Commerce is there to help you make a difference in your market every day.

International Trade:
There are many opportunities for Dutch companies across international borders. The network and support offered by the Chamber of Commerce gives you access to global markets.

As a supporting partner for the ISE project, the Chamber of Commerce will be able to provide an enhanced support offer to Dutch SMEs.

For more information, please click here to visit the Dutch Chamber website